Re-key Locks

Why should you re-key your residential and commercial properties

Top Notch Locksmith & Security recommends to our customers to change locks every few years or so for the security of yourself, your surrounding and family, after every time somebody you don’t fully know has access to your keys for more than a few minutes outside of your sight, making a copy of your key doesn’t have to be noticeable, a person with bad intentions could simply make an outline with a pencil on a piece of paper and easily create a copy of your key, anybody with basic knowledge of locks could simply memorize the five numbers to cut the key later for an exact copy, rekey your house for your own peace of mind, after all, it doesn’t matter how secure your locks and windows are in your residential or commercial places if you don’t know who has your key, experts always advise you to change your locks every two years, someone who own a property of business should have locks changed every time somebody moves in or out of a rental property, the procedure of rekeying a lock is taking the cylinder apart and changing small pieces of metal called pins, to our locksmiths its pretty easy, Top Notch Locksmith & Security residential locks rekeying is pretty popular for all the right reasons, the most important one is your safety, sometimes when keys get lost, it’s very much better to have a lock rekey than to just have new keys produced, you never know what could happen with your lost keys, if its somehow gets in the hands of the wrong person, then you know what could happen, it's best to just have a complete lock rekey to keep your safety.

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More about re-keying your business

Do you want to re key business lock? Protect your workplace by re keying your locks, in case a person presently gets a busted key in the lock, our own locksmith experts at Locksmith NYC will be able to remove broken key, our locksmiths Top Notch Locksmith & Security have been trained in master locks if people want to rekey master lock, your workplace safety is important with, However staff will come up with faults along with drop the key to the company locks, NYC locksmiths provides rich knowledge about -rekeying locks, this method could get some time concerning additional locksmith businesses don't have the knowledge with methods in order to re key company locks but our locksmith can do that to anyone after contacting our service providers, it is so important that your place of business is properly locked and secure, our mobile NYC locksmiths can create and provide master key systems as well as install full-length astragals on apartment, condo building and commercial doors, call our fast and affordable service to get your office, store, warehouse or other commercial place of business re-keyed, properly locked and secured, we understand the need to have a locksmith company you can trust, which is why our licensed, insured and bonded locksmiths are locally operated IN NYC in order to get to your place as quickly as they can to help you with your issue in no time, we use our locksmiths because we want to make sure any issue that arises from your re-key service will be taken care of immediately, we want to make sure that our customers feel safe and secure with all of our professional locksmiths, which is why we train them to handle any problem and  and only use the bes tools and products with every service.

At the end of the day, your security and safety matters

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So make sure you rekey your locks with our locksmiths at Top Notch Locksmith & Security to eliminate any threat to your properties and have a quiet peace of mind, you can call us at any day and any time, your safety and security should not have a deadline.  Phone: (646) 781-7070.



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