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Automotive Locksmith in NYC for your Car

Have you lost your car keys or you got locked out? How many times, out of an honest mistake, you are stuck out on the other side of the steering wheel while your keys are dangling in the ignition or thrown somewhere in the car? We humans tend to make mistakes one simple mistake that can set us back by precious time we dont want to waste, traveling by car saves time and is far more easy than taking a bus, but as we hurry sometimes we end up locking ourselves out of the vehicle, which in our fast world that we live, we can have serious implications for us so in these situations of an emergency lockout of your car, our expert car locksmiths are here to help you get your keys back, so you can get back to the place you are already running late to, all you got to do is to give us a call at (646) 781-7070 for Locksmith NYC, we understand the hassle and the frustration of having to go through situations like this, especially when you get caught in the middle of going to an important place or event, but there is no need to get stressed, the key is calling the best people to fix your issues when the need comes up.

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Automotive Lock Installation

Top Notch Locksmith & Security NYC are experts in automotive locksmith, we have high quality skilled locksmiths that will come to your location as soon as possible, we want to make sure that our response time is fast enough to attend to your needs at the fastest time possible, we provide specialized and expert services for replacing lost key cars, unlocking your vehicle door and a lot more, we take pride in our locksmiths in Top Notch Locksmith & Security which consists of a team of experts and experienced locksmiths which is why you can be confident and calm and that you can just count on us to fix any of your automotive problems, you prefer an old model for driving or a manual car, maybe an automated modern vehicle? You can relax because we deal with all kinds of cars and have the needed rich experience to help you attain your car keys as soon as possible, we give service to many types of vehicles from cars to trucks, classic vehicles we can handle it, our locksmiths are highly experienced so you can be confident about the quality of the service they provide, their work is insured so you can have a good sleep tonight after a visit from one of our locksmiths, you can count on us regardless of the time and day as you will be given a very quick response when you make a call to Top Notch Locksmith & Security, our locksmiths are friendly and fast so you can be guaranteed that you will get the service you deserve in a blink of an eye.

Lost your car keys or need new ones?

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If there is, however, a requirement of a new car key, we can make that happen on spot Top Notch Locksmith & Security automotive locksmith experts can help you quickly duplicate or replace lost, damaged or stolen electronic car keys and key fobs on spot, we make electronic car keys for hundreds of models.

Top Notch Locksmith & Security automotive services including:

  • Lost or stolen keys for vehicles
  • Car key cutting or programming
  • High security keys
  • Key Duplication
  • Unlocking a locked out vehicle
  • Car remotes
  • Ignition repair

Auto Lock and Key Services In NYC

Just as we can get you in your car with no problem, we can provide you with that new or replacement key you need. Our locksmith team in NYC is comprised of highly experienced automotive locksmiths that are familiar with cutting laser key, smart push start key fobs, vats keys cut and copy, head remote keys, all key lost, tools and innovative key making methods.

We are familiar with the key grafting intricacies of all makes and models of cars, which makes us a sure bet to get your key and lock situation sorted accordingly. We offer replacement car remotes, fobs, clickers, keys and many more.

Once we determine the compatibility of your car with keyless entry systems we can begin the key and lock making process. If you have an aftermarket keyless entry system the process is slightly different but the systems can still be matched with some minor tweaks.

Security Tips for Your Car

If you are locked out of your car and in an unsafe area, go to the nearest public place until a locksmit in NYC arrives Have an extra keyless entry remote programmed for your car to keep in your purse, wallet or with a family memberIf you are buying an older car that still has its original keys, consider having a new key made. Sometimes after years of use, older keys can snap off in the ignition and can prevent you from turning your car on or off

By following these tips, you can feel more comfortable, safe and secure.

All of our locksmiths in NYC are experienced in auto lockouts and all types of electronic door locks, so you can be sure that your car will be in safe hands. If you want to learn more about our auto locksmith services, please give us a call today at (646) 781-7070.

automotive locksmith nyc

Car or Truck Lockout service in NYC

Getting locked out of your car can be a very stressful experience, but it is always important to stay calm as improper methods of opening your vehicle may harm it. There is a vast array of tools that Top Notch Locksmith & Security NYC use to open a car that have the keys locked inside the car, broken in a lock, or simply lost. The Slim Jim is perhaps the most commonly thought of tool for opening a locked vehicle but is only effective on cars with upright style locks. The Slim Jim method varies depending on the make and model of the car but is predicated around the idea of slipping the tool between the weatherstrip and moving it until the upright lock is moved. Once the tool has found the locking device, the Slim Jim must hook the lock and be slid up to unlock the car. This process requires a lot of finesse as this part of the door has many wires and electronic mechanisms that can be disrupted, harming the car if done unprofessionally.


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