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Locksmith Chinatown employs a team of experienced and fully licensed, insured, and bonded lock technicians who have undergone full professional training. We make it our priority to provide quality, efficient, professional, and affordable lock installation, lock repair, and lock maintenance services – including custom services like rekeying, emergency lockout service, safe services services to home, business, and vihicle owners throughout the Chinatown area.

Our team handles each assignment with custom attention, providing solutions tailored to the unique security needs of each of our clients.

Residential Locksmith Chinatown NYC

One of the most important and often overlooked part of the home are the locks and keys. Your locks and keys are your home’s first, and in some cases, only line of defense. Having good locks, and keys is important for home security, and peace of mind.

When you find yourself in need of residential Greater Chinatown Area locksmith, regardless of the reason, it is important that that job is done quickly, and correctly. This why the mobile residential Chinatown Locksmiths at Ballard Lock and Key will get to your home quickly, usually in 30 minutes or less, and will get the job done professionally and affordably.

No matter why you need a locksmith or the type of residential locksmith services your home needs, our mobile Chinatown locksmiths have the tools, training and experience needed to do the best job. All of our residential Chinatown locksmiths are fully licensed, boned and insured. Our Chinatown locksmiths pride themselves on their work and will treat your home, locks and doors like they were theirs.

Don’t get ripped off and hire some random fly-by-night scam locksmith company. Locksmith Chinatown and Key has been providing mobile and in shop locksmith service to the greater Chinatown area since 2010! When you hire a Locksmith Chinatown, you know you are going to get high quality locksmith service you can trust, at the best possible price. Calls us today and one of our mobile or in shop Chinatown locksmiths will be happy to help you with your home’s residential locksmith needs.

Commercial Locksmith Chinatown

There are very few things more important than your business’s security, and there are very few things more important to your business’s security than its commercial locks and keys. Reliable, modern commercial locks and keys are your first line defense, help keep people out of areas within the business they are not supposed to be, and provides you piece of mind knowing your office, warehouse, store, workshop, industrial facility, corporate headquarters, or other place of business is safe. Just as important as the industrial locks and keys themselves is the commercial Chinatown Locksmith who installs them.

The mobile commercial Chinatown locksmiths, at Locksmith Chinatown are fully licensed, boned and insured. Our mobile industrial Chinatown locksmiths are also fully equipped with modern tools and top-rated commercial grade locks and keys. Regardless of the types of industrial locksmith service your business needs our mobile Chinatown Locksmith will get to your corporate office, warehouse, commercial store, workshop or other place of business quickly, provide the best commercial locksmith services, at the best possible price.

  • Quick Reliable Service
  • Best Possible Price
  • Modern Tools and Top-Rated Equipment
  • Expert Advice and Security Tips
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured Mobil Corporate Chinatown Locksmiths
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Automotive Locksmith Chinatown NYC

Your car, truck, SUV, jeep, motorcycle or other vehicle is very important. Whether for business or pleasure we need our vehicles. This why when you find yourself in need of an automotive locksmith it can be stressful. Typically, when people need a Chinatown area automotive locksmith it is unexpected, inconvenient and needs to be resolved quickly, properly, without damage to your automobile and as affordably as possible. The last thing you need is extra stress and financial burdens caused by a Chinatown locksmith overcharging and taking advantage of your situation. However, with so many Chinatown locksmith to choose from it can be difficult to know which Chinatown Automotive locksmith is the best for you and wont rip you off.

Unfortunately, the NYC locksmith industry has its fair share of companies/scammers that bully their Wester NYC customers, overcharge them and don’t do good work. This is why it is so important to make sure the automotive Chinatown locksmith company you hire for your car, truck, SUV, Jeep or other vehicle not only fully licenses, bonds and insures each of their locksmiths, but also has a good reputation and has been in business for a few years. Many of these scammer Chinatown area mobile automotive Locksmiths will change their business after getting a bunch of complaints. If you cannot find reviews or a Google star rating for the Chinatown Automotive Locksmith you are thinking about hiring the chances are they are scammer, who has recently changed their name.

Emergency Locksmith Chinatown NYC

We have all been there. We left our keys or locked them in and now are locked out. Don’t worry. Call us now and our mobile Chinatown Locksmiths will get to your location and get the door open quickly, affordably and without damage. No matter what type of door you are locked out of our licensed, boned and insured mobile Chinatown locksmiths have the tools, training and experience they need to get the door open quickly and without damage. Our Chinatown locksmiths will also always be fair and give the best price possible. Don’t get ripped off and don’t stay locked out longer than you need to. Call Locksmith Chinatown for your emergency lockout locksmith service needs and get the best locksmith at the best possible cheap discount price.

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Car Key Replacement Chinatown

Key Rescue Chinatown replaces car keys for drivers everywhere in the Chinatown, Washington area. Regardless of your location in Chinatown, regardless of what make, model, or year of vehicle you are driving, our professional automotive locksmith team is ready to come straight to your location and provide you with cut-from-code car keys.

If you are looking for "Car Key Replacement Near Me" then Locksmith Chinatown team is ready to replace your car key to your location. Our convenient service removes the need to contact automotive dealerships – and we can replace and program transponder keys for all types of cars, as well as giving solutions for car issues like lost, locked-in, stolen, broken, and snapped keys – and even remedy car ignition issues – all for a fair and affordable rate!


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