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Serving the Garment District area since 2010, Locksmith Garment District has the experience to ensure we are your preferred locksmith. We are family owned and operated and this allows us to focus on each individual case with the attention and priority it may require. We understand emergencies happen and we want to facilitate the need for a spare key- lock change or lock out. See our services page for an overview of the wide range of services available when calling the one and Locksmith Garment District.

We pride ourselves in being security professionals. Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the peace of mind that your home or business is protected. We have a wide range of hardware for your security needs, and a friendly staff to assist you. Please contact us with any of your security hardware needs Call now for a estimate free (646) 781-7070.

Residential Locksmith Garment District NYC

Here at Locksmith Garment District, we understand the fact that a strong lock helps to maintain the security and safety of your home โ€“ and by extension, your family and belongings. That is why our professionals work round-the-clock in order to make sure that all potential security defects in your home are fixed and tackled on time, thereby, strengthening your security infrastructure and locks in order to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

If you need a spare set of keys, lose your keys, or you need to completely replace a damaged key, our residential locksmith services are fully available to you to provide a seamless and fast way to solve your problem. To guarantee your safety, we are licensed by the relevant authorities. We use the certified methods of servicing, troubleshooting, diagnosing, installing, and repairing of locks. Our residential locksmith services include the following:

  • Rekeying of existing locks
  • Basic key cutting
  • Installation of several locks used in your home
  • Residential safe installation and repair
  • Residential access control systems
  • Auto smart keys
  • Remote programming services
  • Program chip keys, among others

Commercial Locksmith Garment District

There is nothing that can be compared to a robust security system for your business. A robust security system and strong locks ensure that your business can continue operating without any threat and that you as a business owner can have peace of mind knowing fully well that your assets are well secured and fully protected. Here at Locksmith Garment District, we specialize in strengthening the security of commercial assets, paying extra attention to the needs of our customers, ensuring the safety of their property and ensuring the bolstering of the lifespan of their business.

Our security service and commercial locksmith provides superb security for your office, shop, warehouse, building, or storage facility. We have the capabilities to install or repair any type of commercial lock system, digital locks, access control systems, surveillance system, CCTV systems, fire and alarm systems, and more. We specialize both the repair and installation of locks and cylinders, high-security locks, master key systems, keyless access systems, and emergency access of safes.

locksmith Garment District NYC

Automotive Locksmith Garment District NYC

It is always unpleasant and frustrating to have automotive lock issues. One can end up stranded on the road when you are in a haste to get somewhere important. Fortunately, the professionals at Locksmith Garment District NYC are skilled in resolving automotive locksmith issues by swiftly navigating to the location of your car in order to render the immediate service that you need. We can solve any issues ranging from broken keys, emergency lockouts, misplaced keys, malfunctioning ignitions, and any other problems that are affecting your ability to drive.

Whenever you lose or misplace your car keys or in the even that it breaks, be sure to give us a call Locksmith Garment District. We have the necessary tools to instantly reproduce the keys on the spot thereby reducing cost and eliminating the need of towing your vehicle to your automotive dealer. While car issues can happen within a moment, we can help resolve this issue as soon as possible thereby allowing you to continue your journey. Locksmith Garment District Service provides

  • Car key duplication
  • Car key programming
  • Emergency car lockout service
  • Broken key extractions
  • Transponder keys
  • Replacement of lost car keys, and a host of others.

Emergency Locksmith Garment District NYC

Whether you are locked out, locked in, had a break in or any other lock, key or security situation that requires the service of a 24 hour emergency locksmith then the team at Locksmith Garment District are on hand to help resolve any issues you may be having.


Our Locksmith Garment District team will not only resolve your emergency situation but they will also offer you further security advice on how to better secure your property such as upgrading your locks to snap safe locks to reduce the chances of a break in, repairing damage to windows and doors after a break in, or simply just gaining entry to your property after a lock out without causing any damage.


It is impossible to predict that you are going to require the service of a locksmith even more so that it will happen between the normal working hours of 9-5! This is why it is important to use a reliable 24 hour Locksmith Garment District NYC. Any time day or night Locksmith Garment District provide a professional and reliable locksmith Leeds service to not only resolve your lock key or security situations but leaving you feeling more safe and secure in your home. Call now for a estimate free (646) 781-7070.

Garment District locksmith services

Car Key Replacement Garment District

We have been certified by GSA and other relevant government authorities to execute these tasks. We use the certified methods of installing, repairing, servicing, diagnosing, certifying, and troubleshooting GSA Vaults, Containers, and Locks. Our key cutting and duplication services include the following:

  • Basic and advanced key cutting
  • Key duplication and remodeling
  • Rekeying of existing locks
  • Installation of locks used in your home
  • Program chip keys
  • Car keys
  • Remote reprogramming services
  • Auto smart keys


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